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    FAQ at HappyClinic Denver



    What is Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® ?

    Juvederm® VOLUMA® (made by Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic) is a new cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler that was FDA approved in the United States in November of 2013. Juvederm® VOLUMA® is FDA approved specifically for volume loss in the cheeks and is formulated to be injected deeper, next to the bone. Juvederm® VOLUMA® has been used in Europe for the past 8 years and in Canada for the past 4 years with tremendous praise by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.



    How long does Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® last?

    Juvederm® VOLUMA® has been shown to last for up to 24 months (2 years).  Studies from Allergan consistently show that 76% of patients were still satisfied with their results after 2 years post treatment.  After injection the body naturally starts breaking Juvederm® VOLUMA® down into simple sugars and this process may take a total of 24 months or more to complete.  In the mean time, you enjoy the benefits of increased volume in the face!



    Does Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® hurt?

    Juvederm® VOLUMA® is well tolerated by most patients. Allergan's Juvederm® VOLUMA® comes premixed with lidocaine, making the injections much more comfortable than previous fillers. Numbing creams and ice packs can help with any discomfort.


    How will I look post-treatment of Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA®?

    Post-treatment injection sites will have some redness and swelling.  Most patients can return to work the next day without any problems.  Patients will see an immediate lifting of the cheeks post procedure.


    Post procedure instructions:

    You may ice the area treated to help reduce swelling and redness.  Icing should be done a maximum of 10 minutes every 2-3 hours. Dr.. Nguyen recommends not touching the area or massaging the area the first 2 weeks. After all the swelling has resolved, you may feel some lumpiness as you run your finger across the injection site. This is normal. If these lumps are visible, you may start massaging 2 weeks post injection. Remember, Juvederm® VOLUMA® is totally reversable with Hyaluronidase.


    What is the cost of Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA®?

    Happy Clinic Denver, Colorado charges $800 for the first syringe of Juvederm® VOLUMA® and $700 for each subsequent syringe done at the same visit.  These prices are for a full 1.0 cc of Juvederm® VOLUMA®. How many syringes you will need depends on the volume loss you have experienced with aging. Typical patients from 20-40 years old need 1-2 syringes. Older patients will require more for a full correction.


    Can I do Juvederm® VOLUMA® and Botox® at the same visit?

    Yes.  Botox® Cosmetic and dermal fillers such as Juvederm® VOLUMA® are often  used together to give the total non-surgical rejuvenation.  Most patients choose to undergo both treatments at the same time to reduce the inconveniece of coming back.  Others choose to do them separately for financial or other reason.


    Where is Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® administered?

    Juvederm® VOLUMA® can be administered anywhere you want volume, including cheeks, undereye area, chin, and jawline.


    Who will be doing my Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® Injections?

    All Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® injections are done by Dr. Phil Nguyen, MD at Happy Clinic Denver.  Dr. Nguyen has over 13 years experience in doing cosmetic injections, with thousands of injections done safely and effectively, while Salli Morgan, RN BSN is our esteemed Nurse Injectionist that was personally trained by Dr. Nguyen and has 10 years experience in clinical dermatology.


    Are Denver Juvederm® VOLUMA® injections safe?

    Juvederm® VOLUMA® was approved by the FDA on Novermber 2013.  Juvederm VOLUMA® has since dominated the volumizing filler market in Europe and Canada due to its safety, ease of injection, and long lasting results.  Dr. Nguyen consistently uses Juvederm VOLUMA® as his volumizing filler of choice.


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