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    FAQ at HappyClinic Denver

    Denver DYSPORT®


    Where does Happy Clinic Denver get its Dysport®?

    We get our Original Dysport®  directly from Galderma, USA.  Some places get their Dysport from Canada or Europe, which is  unsafe, and illegal. You can check for Happy Clinic Denver's status on www.dysportusa.com.


    What is Dysport®?

    Dysport® is the protein Botulinum Toxin A  made by Galderma, a world leader in prescription cosmetic medicines including Dysport, Restylane, Perlane, and Sculptra. Dysport® is FDA approved to reduce the appearance of glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows), but can also be used for forehead lines, crows feet, and anywhere else that Botox® would normally be placed.


    What is the difference between Botox® and Dysport®?

    Both are botulinum toxins. Both have the same effects in the body. Some studies report that Dysport® may produce faster results - in 1-3 days as opposed to 3-5 days for Botox® Cosmetic. As to longevity, I find that to be dependent upon the patient. Some patients report that Dysport® lasts 2 weeks longer and other patients will report the opposite.


    Dysport® is also dosed differently as far as the number of units used. The medical community agrees that in an apples to apples comparison, 1 unit of Botox® is equal to 3 units of Dysport®, so you have to use 3 times the units of Dysport® to get the same effectiveness. Happy Clinic Denver sells our Dysport® in Botox® Equivalent Units to make it easier for patients to compare apples to apples. So when we say that Dysport is $9 per Equivalent Botox® Unit, we are actually saying  it is $9 per 3 actual Dysport® Units, or $3 per unit of Dysport®.


    How does Dysport® Work?

    When injected into the muscle or tissue, Dysport® impairs the nerves from telling the muscles to contract or the sweat glands to produce sweat.


    How will I look post treatment?

    You will notice some initial redness and swelling in the treated area that will subside in the next hour.  Within 1-5 days, you will start to notice a more rested appearance, with the best effects noticed in 1 week.  Contrary to popular belief, you can have a full range of facial expressions with Dysport® treatments.



    How long does Dysport® last?

    The effects of Dysport® typically last 3-4 months and very rarely up to 6 months.  Individual results will vary depending on the strength of the underlying muscles.  Your lines will return to the pre-treatment appearance as the Dysport® wears off.


    Post procedure instructions:

    Remain upright for 4 hours.  Keep your head and neck straight.  Avoid touching the treated area.


    Do Dysport® injections hurt?

    Most people compare the injection sensation to a bug bite.  Overall discomfort is minimal and temporary.


    Where is Dysport® administered?

    Traditionally it is used to treat frown lines between the eye brows, forehead creases, crows feet around the eyes and fine lines above the lips.  Dysport® Cosmetic can also be injected into the underarms, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet to treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).


    Who will be doing my Dysport® Injections?

    All Dysport® injections are done by Dr. Phil Nguyen, MD or at Happy Clinic Denver.  Dr. Nguyen has over 12 years experience in doing cosmetic injections, with thousands of injections done safely and effectively, while Salli Morgan, RN BSN is our esteemed Nurse Injectionist that was personally trained by Dr. Nguyen and has 10 years experience in clinical dermatology.


    Are Dysport® injections safe?

    Dysport® has safely treated a variety of medical conditions since its FDA approval in 1989.  Botox® Cosmetic was FDA approved in 2009.


    Is Dysport® expensive?

    ​Cost of Dysport® at Happy Clinic Denver, Colorado:

    First time Patients  Special           $8.00/unit equivalent (3 actual units)

    Returning Patients Special           $9.00/unit equivalent (3 actual units)

    How many units you need depends on what you want done.  A free consultation with Dr. Phil Nguyen, MD can help you decide what is right for you.



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